Map of the Ulyverse

This is the Ulyverse. It is vast, but the Light of the Source reaches into the deepest of Shadow. Where ever the light has reached, life has been sown. Some of that life has developed for eons in almost constant penumbra, deformed by a constant struggle to grow closer to the Source. In that time these creatures have grown to hate their own cursed existence, but they remain at the mercy of the light. For these fallen beings, there have arisen dark intelligences, cosmic disorders and sentient cancers which prey on others to attempt to correct their imbalance, despite it never succeeding. These predators are what threaten existence and strike fear into all sapient life. Children understand these monsters exist innately, but Adults in their constant fear, attempt to reassure themselves they are only ‘made up’. Relegated to stories of science fiction and fantasies, they are called Aliens and Spirits, and they populate all the worlds in the cosmos. Mankind, for the most part, has remain protected on Earth. Those who have been abducted in ages past, to other worlds, have transformed into new kinds of men; the Elves, the Dwarves, the Giants and the Fae. But they remain enslaved to Masters as old as creation, not knowing even freedom of thought from their oppressors. The Secret War seeks to consume all life into this System of Things, until even the Source is inverted, made slave to the whims of anti-life. In this map, you can see where all these systems have grown like interstellar microbial mats, each one competing with one another for survival, forced into a War which converts what was once freely given into a life-or-death choice one must pay for to live.

This map was rendered before the Rapture, and does not depict how it appears in its current state. I shall render that image soon, and I hope my calculations are correct. It takes 1000 years for a world to fall irrevocably to the rulership of the Infernal disorder. There are 860 remaining years for the World I write this from, but I could not know how much time is left for future readers of perhaps future worlds. There must always be enough time before one is out of it.


  1. Earth
  2. Moon
    1. Solar System
  3. Wanir, Walnut
  4. Ashruhh
  5. Niflheim
  6. Alfheim
  7. Tebel
  8. Musphelheim
  9. Jotunheim
  10. Ocean, Oshunn
  11. Neshiah
  12. Ziah
  13. Heled
  14. Adamah
  15. Arkah
  16. Sha’are Mawet
  17. Sha’are Zalmawet
  18. Abaddon
  19. Yabbashah
  20. Tohu
  21. Bohu
  22. Gehenna
  23. Erez
  24. Hel
  25. Nebula
  26. Star system 789
  27. Orion
  28. Planetoids
    1. The Astralplex
    2. The Astral Forge
  29. Realms
    1. Asbru (Aesir’s Bridge)
    2. Midgard
    3. Adamah
    4. Arka
    5. The Heavens
      1. The City of Light
      2. The Throne
      3. The Source

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