Inhabitants of the Ulyverse

All life that exists was created by the Source. All the animals and plants, microbes and crawling things, emerged from a single point of creation, including Mankind. It was mankind that was chosen to have dominion over the universe, and for this reason, they were gifted with the ability of foreknowledge. This in turn allowed them to know freedom, and not live as the beasts do, unaware of their fate and unable to change it. Created before Mankind were the Angels, who were bound to the Laws of the Universe and would be subject to Mankind as a result. Some chose to not accept this submission, and rebelled. This conflict, between the first humans and the beings made to serve them, has never ceased, and is the progenitor of all conflicts today.


Travel far enough into the cosmos and you will find planets inhabited by all manner of alien beings. You may mistakenly assume that all these beings originated independently of one another, but in fact, all life is tied together. No matter how far you travel, you can trace back the path of every being, every planet, every star to the same cosmic furnace which gave rise to all creation. No matter how strange they appear, they share the same ancestors as you reading this. In this way, there is no true “Alien” life, all beings descend from Humanity or from creatures found on Earth. Many theorize that the age of the universe means that some other life form would have evolved elsewhere in the universe, but that is only because many do not know the true age of their own world. Earth was the first planet, the cradle of all universes, and it was the first to be seeded with life by the Source. Humans came to inhabit all corners of this earth, and in the many eons that followed, some even learned how to travel to the furthest corners of the galaxy. Others were taken against their will. But in these strange places, Humans would develop in unique ways, or they would be forced to intermix with creatures to make monsters not found on Earth. Overtime, these monsters would form their own civilizations, and like here on Earth, forget their true origin.


Mankind is cursed with foreknowledge and a short memory. Although many can deduce what will occur ahead of them, they are unable to deduce what has occurred before them. Their memories fade as the years pass, and so if they were able to become immortal, they would not know of their own condition. As they have forgotten the true age of their home planet, they too have forgotten their creator. Part of them can still reason that they were created, and if their powers can be so great, then whatever had created them would have power that is greater still, but their memories do not contain such an entity. They may guess and theorize, but often they conclude that they are only the product of other humans, Humans which live amongst them still. These humans, if they be elders, will then claim their powers of creation are innate, and will seek to convince others of their omnipotence. Relying on their poor memories or faulty reasoning, they will trick those powerless to them into calling them Gods and raising them as Kings, Queens, Emperors and Pharoahs. They have many titles, but they all mean that their right to rule is self evident by their demonstration of power. These kings when challenged, will demonstrate their power by becoming rulers of life and death. The kings will choose who will eat and who will starve, who will struggle and who will prosper. This is enough for many to fear them, and to say they believe, but many will only fear them. Where ever there is Mankind, there have been Kings, and where ever there are Kings, they have let loose monsters upon the meek.

What is a monster? A predator which acts with malice. Although there are many predators in the universe, they act simply to sustain themselves. However, a monster on the other hand, is one which seeks to end the life of another for it’s own satisfaction. It shall destroy beyond any need for sustenance, beyond any sense of morality, and will disrupt the natural balance of the cosmos. Although some animals can be seen as frightening, even the most ferocious creature will cower before a superior intelligence. In their desperate quest to prove themselves Gods, Kings will often become Monsters instead, or force a creature to perform monstrous acts for them. Not all monsters are the creations of Kings however. Some monsters have existed since before Kings, some of these monsters were the ones who made them Kings in the first place. These beings were the fallen angels, or Nephilim, they are the only true monsters.


In every culture, in every history book, there are stories about Gods. Gods of Thunder and Gods of War. Who were these beings? Were they ever “real”? In a multiverse, the word “real” ceases to mean anything. Reality is described by what is possible in one realm, but if it can be imagined, it is possible in another realm. This experience is governed by rules, and those rules were created by an eternal intelligence before time and space existed as we know them now. It is those rules which govern us, that were formed into elemental tools, so complex as to have a sentience of their own kind. These entities became known to us as Angels, and those Angels which controlled entire domains of existence and commanded Angels of their own, would be worshipped as Gods. As multiversal tools of God, they are only as real as their necessity, and when mankind was given the freedom to choose for themselves how to shape their reality, it became apparent to many of them that their utility would soon come to an end. These Angels refused to accept this fate, and attempted to make for themselves an approximation of the freedom that Mankind enjoyed. They only succeeded in becoming mortal, becoming earth-bound, and losing their corporeal forms. Their freedom was a rebellion against the Source, and the rebellion became against life itself when it became clear they must exist parasitically to survive. The Ulyverse has no end, it merges with all realities and multiplicities, but where each one finds it’s end, in the places between, the fallen angels remain. You will learn more about these realms in later chapters, but for now, be warned that each of them seeks to enter your world through your mind, in the same way as you seek to inhabit new roles in the new worlds you discover.

In the years of old, they possessed bodies and vessels to carry them upon the solar winds. They built starships and cities and captured the living to work as slaves therein. Those slaves they prized for their beauty or skills, they would possess as their precious treasures, and reward those who were obedient with great powers. They had children with these bodies, and those bodies were given a half life of their Angel creators, extending their powers into the mortal world. But with each generation, the Angels themselves became more ephemeral, becoming less able to maintain their spirit form as they reproduced, and relying on accursed methods to continue their scheme. It was evident in their children, that they could only make twisted and deformed monstrosities after some time. Although the Angels were once as bright as shining gems and metals, they grew dull and worm-ridden, rotten in appearance, and so their worlds and kingdoms reflected the same. Soon their cities would became so crowded and overbuilt with temples and tents and alleys, that almost everywhere was shrouded in shadow. Those first cities, would fall to their own inequity, and their secret rulers have since rebuilt them underground or in the darkness of space, away from the Light of the Source.

All of this I will describe in greater detail, but I hope this letter has given you an introduction to the first and most common life forms, and how they have arranged themselves. In subsequent chapters, I will list the Angels which still rule, and those who operate in secret, the Kings which make deals on their behalf against the interests of their people, and the different peoples which have evolved on planets far far away and in times long forgotten.

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