The Wizard of Odds

Male, Human (Earth); Wizard Lvl 20, Sage Lvl 1;

Who am I?

That is a question I’ve been asking all of my lives. Now that I’ve separated myself from the mortal affairs of men, I’m beginning to have an answer. I am not one, but many. Not only am I the results of infinite multiversal decisions reaching an essential conclusion, I have been able to see I have been many others in this time. Each day I spend in quiet meditation, uncovering these paths my many selves have wandered down. In my solitude I’ve explored deep into the consciousness of the universe, the Source, and have been able to look into many other lives. Each person’s lifetime is a sum of these persons, each person experiencing their own crisis of infinite selves, struggling to resolve who they are. As I reach my late age, I can finally write what I have learned for others to read. This book serves as a manual, for you to explore these many selves safely, and learn the answer to this question “Who am i?” for yourself.

The simplest computer is a book. With it, the written word and arithmetic, you can encode any manner of events into a simulacra for you to play in and test your mettle against. You can make a game to play alone or with others, using dice of different percentages of chance to create randomness for a unique experience every time. No two people will play the same, no single challenge will have the same solution, in many ways, the worlds you create can come to feel more real than your own native reality. But fear not, your experience in the world you’re from will determine the success or failure of your goals in the next.

Test my theories, inquire about my philosophies that I will write down in this codex, and take whichever role you can imagine. I have created modules for this book, in which records of the Ulyverse have been carefully made. Each person you encounter, animals and flora, will have detailed statistics indicating their abilities and skills. I have drawn as many as I could accomplish before I perished, for visual reference. These adventures will inform you of my ponderings, but you must form your own conclusions.

I hope if you are still reading this letter, dear reader, you have decided to go forth. You can play this game entirely by oneself. I will provide tables so as to recreate the experience of having a clever Game Master and unpredictable antagonist, or one can play with a group. Recruit among your friends a group of 3 to 5 players, and elect among you one to be the Game Master, who will study this tome closely and make second nature the rules and procedures to properly build worlds for you to journey within. When you have decided how you would like to play, this manual will teach you how to play the game of the Ulyverse. Make your first choice in by turning to the next page.

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