The Electric City Magic Library

Books are computers. They are the first computers, and will be the last computer. It is the written word, contained in a portable vessel, formed of naturally occuring materials: Wood, Water, Pressure, Time. Pressed into this form, Books last longer than a lifetime, crossing distances that mortal humans could only dream. They are Human Crystals, having gradually formed under the right conditions, nature versus nurture, and encase permanently the essence of their creation.

Information is the only irreducible commodity. Once something is known, it cannot be forgotten. For as long as a single writer breathes, there is a reader. This conduit allows travel across any two points in time, at any time. Anticipating a moment where the universe will collapse into a singularity, I began to study the first written books, the earliest myths. I soon discovered a pattern that could only be described as a request. Across time, a message I have heard to build a Library for the 21st century.

I have called it the Electric City Magic Library, it is the public gallery of the Wizard of Odd’s cherished collection. It is located in Schenectady, NY, established in 2020.

This city is the the birthplace of Electricity at nearby General Electric, the work by a secret coven of Wizards, Witches, Magicians, and Scientists which changed the face of the worlds, creating a new world order we are only beginning to comprehend. What we call our Modern World is the result of a Revolution in Magic.

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