Daily Post

"Our Souls are coordinates. Space is infinite. We find the center of the universe by finding each other,"- The Wizard of Odds Most people ask "What is Magic?" and would like a simple answer contained to a single thesis. Any such definition of Magic would be utterly lacking, but many have tried to encapsulate their... Read More
Sun’s Penumbra
* A Twilight Fan-Fic * Sun’s Penumbra, Chapter 1 It has been seven hundred years since high school. Edward has not changed. For the first 350 years, that’s what I loved about him. But now it has become clear, my husband will never change. He still loves me, with the same intensity as the day... Read More
The Ulyverse
The Ulyverse: "All things have their place, knew wee how to place them,"- Orgo, Orgo's Books of Knowledge The Ulyverse is an energy wave localized to the human vessel, Ulises Farinas, which describes a large number of related systems known as a "Universe", or a supermassive experiential event. This group of universes, or "Multiverse," intersects with... Read More