I am Ulises Farinas

Purveyor of Novel Curiosities And Curious Novelties

Welcome to my home, I live in Upstate New York. I am an Illustrator, Writer, Designer, and Wizard. My specialty is ‘wimmelbilderbuch‘ art or “seek and finds”, in the style of artists like Martin Handford’s “Where’s Waldo” series. I am the artist of the bestselling Star Wars book of the past 10 years, “Where’s the Wookiee.” Now in it’s third volume.

I travel from market to market selling my books and original art with my partner Melody Often. I have traveled to countries around the world, on my words and art.

Contact me here regarding commissions or original art sales. Please stop by the shop before you leave. Follow me on instagram, at @UlisesFarinas @PracticalWizardry