I’m dumping my portfolio, from like years! One post a day! Fun, huh?! This is basically the cover image, of my ENTIRE FICTIONAL UNIVERSE! See that little Mushroom Monster, remember him from MOTRO? Well, look for him!

my pet turtle

My pet turtle, he is named Susan. I’ve had her for about 7 years or more. But i’m gonna let her free in central park, very soon. She is getting too big for my tank. These are some last blurry pictures of her. I’m a bit sad:

She is a snapping turtle. People think she’s ugly, but i think he’s so cute. He’s very mean though.
I haven’t been able to clean the tank recently, so that’s why her water is so icky. Its okay, Snapping turtles are notoriously dirty. I can’t ever get it cleaner than a pale yellow. hehe. Bye bye Susan.





THEY’LL BE AT MOCCA! With the BEAR PARTY COLLECTIVE table. And a SECOND Issue of MOTRO is coming out. I Hope you are impressed with my productivity. Show how impressed you are by BUYING STUFF.

Prints are 25 bucks. MOTRO comic is 6 bucks. PEace!

Btw, new art:

Girl Mercury’s enemy!


You know what i want to see, with all the cross overs constantly, i want to see THIS:

CRISIS OF INFINITE CRISISES. Boba Fett vs. Xena vs. Terminator vs. Robocop vs. Predator vs. Alien vs. Punisher!!! The ULTIMATE BATTLE OF LICENSED CHARACTERS! haha. It’ll never happen though…so i decided to draw the above. 


Here’s a preview for a Kitty Pryde drawing i did, for the "Full of Pryde" charity thingy going on at Floating World comics in portland, OR, i think in may or something. More news with that later. But anyway, i’m gonna color this first, but here is the b/w version. Hope you like it.



I thought i’d make an alternate girl version of Iron Man, but i decided she was too far out for iron man.
Her name is Girl Mercury, and her suit uses "hard-light" armor plating and a nanofiber cybersuit. When she’s not perfecting laser technologies, as a super genius girl; she makes money as a part-time, hero-for-hire! She also likes to travel.

OH, and btw, CHAPTER 3 of MOTRO has begun! 
Read it here:

100 points to whoever guesses the face i used!

I used a specific famous face for the face of this Medieval Superman. I wonder if anyone can guess who! 

Little back story i made up, year 1000, star of bethlehem appears in the skies again, but it’s really young superman’s kryptonite spaceship crash landing! In this image, he’s over 200 years old, but looks twenty. Rather than aging up til his mid-thirties and virtually stopping, this Superman grows extremely slowly! Raised by the catholic church as their savior and secret weapon in the crusades, Superman has a crisis of conscience in his ongoing role in the crusades, doubting his own supposed messiah-status.

More King Batman

ISo I haven’t used a brush in like 5 years, but i bought a pack and decided to try them out. Below is a KING BATMAN Drawing, that i penciled first, then inked. Below that was a fast sketch of Batman, that i did after the King Batman drawing, cause i wasn’t finished feeling out the brush. So i abused the brush the second time around, was less careful. I sorta like the second one more. 


MOTRO and new idea!!!

 JUST UPDATE MOTRO on ACT-I-VATE Site, you should def check it out!
This here is part of a five page spread, 2 pages are done so far, i hope you like it:

And besides that, this is a sketch i did for a new idea for BATMAN, called KING BATMAN! 

The Basic Idea, i’ll probably try to work on this in MARCH, is BATMAN in the DARK AGES.

OH, that spiderman comic, that’ll have to be april or something.

Oh, and project rooftop submission for Batman Dick Grayson. It’s my first time trying, not sure if i nailed the idea though. Oh well, check it out:

A new webcomic.

I don’t read that many webcomics, but from my understanding, there’s a lot of copy and paste bad comics with idealized versions of their authors as the main character. And there’s plenty of woe-is-me autobiography out there too! So i thought i’d make one too, since it’s easy enough, and write fan fiction of my own life, where everyone loves THE MAIN CHARACTER but he’s still miserable. This might end up being pretty boring actually, so if it sucks, i’ll stop. Here’s the first episode.

Oh, and any character or likeness that looks like anyone or acts like anyone is like really coincidental and all that hub bub. 


Read MOTRO! I posted this on activate this weekend, but i thought i’d start posting it here on my LJ too, for people who haven’t yet heard the good news (of activate).
Keep reading at

Oh, and i can’t figure out how to do LJ cuts anymore, anyone got any advice?

booyakasha, a 24 hour comic (done in 12 hours)

So hey, i should’ve put this up here many many weeks ago, but i’m lazy!!!!!!! Anywho, backstory:

I was told about 24 hour comics day about a week in advance, and i was so ready for it. I had a new plan, to do 48 pages in 24 hours. Well, a pretty girl will keep you awake and comics don’t. So i didn’t sleep enough to do the whole 24 hours, plus i had work the next day. I know, i know: EXCUSES!!! So i halved it. 24 pages were done in 12 hours, and we have ptimony and his brother and others who witnessed! My ultimate goal is to do a 72 hour comic, but i need at least a witness to verify it occurred. Anyone want to try it out?

Well, here’s the comic, plus some xtras:

PINKLIN, the mysterious planet

Here comes a spidermaaAAAAN!

So i’m drawing a full length spiderman comic book. Noone’s hired me to do this. I’m just gonna do it, and post it online. And TO HELL WITH COPYRIGHT LAWS. If marvel gets upset, i’ll call it parody or satire or “Hire me?”…check out the preview!


Its cut out of a larger page, so its a bit pixelly. But i’ll try to do this comic at the same time i do MOTRO (which you should read!)

The Motro Mini Comic.

Sorry that the image is a bit blurry, but i’m no photographer. But there it is, in all its glory! The first 20 pages of MOTRO!
It’s a pretty little package.

Right now, some are being sold with MK Reed (malaisia ) at SPX, i think i only  havelike 20 left after that. Dang. Perhaps i’ll make more. 

Officially, they’re being sold with the_bear_party . I should probably explain what that is btw. 

First, what it isn’t: Gay Porn…or related to Paul Maybury’s (paulmay ) party bear. I think it was more of a subconcious influence when i came up with the name and all. Anywho, Bear Party is sort of an experiment pet-project of mine for an alternative form of distribution for new and exciting artists. 

This is the basic setup. Small group of artists band together to sell their books, crafts, etc, anywhere they can, dividing the costs of organization, transportation, etc.! Be it at conventions, festivals, street fairs, or just on the street as a local vendor. Slowly, it begins to make enough money to sustain itself indefinitely. Large profits aren’t the goal. This is more of an organization than a corporation in that respect. 

After one group gets large enough, and can sustain itself, it takes a percentage of the small profits it makes to help set up another group elsewhere. Ideally, in an isolated separated region from the first group. This group does the same thing as the first, beginning with a singular mind reaching out to local artists, to create a small network community that fosters and encourages new artists to make beautiful comics and things.  Now there are two groups that develop in different directions, creating little individualistic bear parties, that resists the sameness of the current scene, and also encourages friendly competition for awesome innovative items.

These separate bear parties can now come to realize on the larger network of other bear parties to trade inventories and help other artists and meet and chemically react to work that you might never see. So you get the benefits of a large distribution company without all the crap that goes along with it (high costs, low exposure, close to zero profits, disconnection from your community, disconnection with local artists, snootty pretentiousness, and working with a network that care about your work, doesn’t just put in on shelves to rot away). 

I really don’t like how industry affects what should be seen as a purely artistic pursuit. Yes, we would all love to make money off of our work, but we shouldn’t sacrifice quality for that goal, we should strive for a new model that benefits artists the most. This isn’t an end-all model, more like a first stage. I also don’t like that i can go to a comic store in LA and a store in NYC, and buy the same things, at the same prices. Comics are not fast food, and they should reflect the individuals that make them, and also, the environments and places they come from. There’s nothing better than tasting the genuine flavors of a genuine restaurant in a genuine neighborhood.  So, i think, there’s nothing we can do about making bad art if we simply accept it and buy it for lack of better choices. So better choices have to be made, and presented, and accessible. Relying on a small shelf, in a non-descript corner at a comic store isn’t presenting choice, when the rest of the store is dominated by men in spandex (or in more hip neighborhoods, self-absorbed surface level biographies)

Ok, enough ranting. That’s sort of my basic plan. Welcome tothe_bear_party .


Superheroes are awesome. I watched the Hulk yesterday, and it blew me away! Iron man blew me away too! Something about seeing these characters, moving and living and breathing, makes me feel like they really ARE real. I’ve always sort of thought that they were anyway. Maybe i’m crazy, but i’ve always sort of thought, that at the end of comic book stories, everything always returns to normal, and if this world is pretty normal, then maybe we just aren’t paying attention to whats happening in between? And they’re really are these crazy creatures and humans running around.

Anyway, i love superheroes. Whenever i’ve been in a situation that is tough and scary, and i know i have to do the right thing, i always feel like “THIS IS IT! This is what it feels like!” And it gives me confidence to know that my whole life, i’ve pretended to be super strong, or be able to fly, and that i should stand up to bullies! Whenever someone is hurt, i know that most people can walk on by, but only one person can stop and help! So it makes me want to be that person.

Recently, i’ve been really upset with the state of the marvel universe, because in a vain attempt to bring “realism” to superhero comics, they’ve forgotten their characters. But the movies at least, their true characters shine through! I don’t like to see an “illuminati” secretly voting to throw their friend Hulk into space, that’s mean. Mr. Fantastic has tried to help the Thing for his whole life, but now in the comics, he’s helping Iron Man throw characters into a gulag in another dimension! I don’t think that’s like him. But whatever, at the end of the day, they’re all trying to save someone, and people will always get hurt. Its disheartening, and life is tragic, but there’s a bit of safety in knowing that these people will always try. And by extension, that ALL people will always try.

Thats why i love superheroes, because in the end, they’re just human (most of them) and they want whats best for other humans. Even callous heroes like the Punisher, is really just an illustration of a man so torn apart by pain and seeing his family killed, that he is unable to allow any other’s to feel that too. So he takes up a burden that no man should. But thats what makes him heroic, no matter how “anti-hero” you draw him, even this character is doing what he shouldn’t and doesn’t have to do, he’s saving someone else instead of himself.

Then you have characters, that because of the unending love and acceptance he recieved from his adoptive parents, has bestowed a superhuman love and acceptance on his adoptive race, even when he’s literally and figuratively alienated from them.

Often times, i hear comic book artists say they aren’t interested in super hero comics because they’re too formulaic, because they’re out of touch with reality, etc. etc. I’ve read lots of slice of life comics, that wallow in misery and cynicism. It makes me sad that my generation is so sad and tired. Like a little kid who doesn’t like toys. I think everyone can love superheroes, and i think everyone wants to be a superhero. If people think superhero comics suck (they do right now) then i think we should learn to write better superhero comics! Mostly everyone who’s drawing comics now, began reading comics that were superhero comics, but now act like they’re just “kid stuff”. I feel sad that people forget these fantastic worlds. It’s okay though. I have not, even though i don’t draw superhero comics myself. But here is something i drew.


It is a company i made up, for my in-universe stories. To further explain, all the characters i make up (merbotman, motro, the water cat, etc. if you remember) all exist in the same universe; possibly at different times or in different sub-universes. Anywho, i’m trying to make a fully formed universe, with different cities, cultures, planets (with vastly different cities, cultures too!) and even different media! So i came up with “Zuger Comics”, a comics company that is the dominant publisher of comics, and publishes mostly superhero comics. The other comics company, that is its only major competition, is unnamed, but publishes mostly war comics.


I began by making up at least 26 characters, so i drew their covers. After that, i just began to make up characters on the fly. I haven’t counted how many characters i have, but i feel like there’s at least a hundred. Each of these characters, i plan on doing a one page excerpt for; they all have a vague idea for what the story is. Such as “Failure to Act”, in the above detail pic, is about SUPREMON. Supremon is the most powerful character in the Zugerverse, but he grew to be so powerful, that he can’t hang out with humans. He can’t even fight crime. All he can do, is worry about super giant cosmic threats. Since those are relatively rare, he mostly watches tv, writes books, or revolutionizes sectors of the private market (by purifying water by looking at it, by creating diamonds by crushing coal, etc.), but overall, most superheroes aren’t even aware of the most super powered human there is. His lower limit of power is being able to handle 1 ton without causing damage. A human, simply collapses from touching him (like a black hole actually). So “Failure to Act” is his story of engineering a cosmic disaster, partly out of boredom partly out of loneliness, that he doesn’t stop and then tries to reverse from happening.


Extinctomorph: can turn into any extinct beast
The Metal Monolith: builds steel suits of famous monuments
Amoeboy: A boy turned into a massive amoeba, has the power to control microscopic single cell life!


One of my favorites is “ZZZZZZZZZZ”, he’s a man that is constantly sleeping, but very effective at problem solving. He is mysterious, noone has seen him awake, but if you place a rubiks cube near him and walk away, it’ll be finished when you return. He even writes letters to others to communicate.

Leopard League; crime fighting duo that met online, and only had a limited fabric selection to make their outfits! They chose leopard leotards!

The Catalyst: can increase the chemical reactivity of any substance, as a by product, he sucks at cooking because he burns everything.

Clay Superheroes: A boy that discovers a magic clay, can make superheroes of his favorite comic book characters. These are actually of ANOTHER comic book company, within the pages of that comic. So i guess that’s really meta-, its like three layers of comic book fiction.

Laser Cabbage: It is what it is.


The Infinite Man: He exists in all places, and at all times; nevertheless, this has not done anything for his home life, he finds that he can’t concentrate now. The slow realization that he’s God, also doesn’t help.

Beastly Brain: Studies and creates hundreds of masks, to THINK like a beast and solve crimes! This is effective, he works at a large zoo.

Melon Girl: She has Melon-themed vehicles and gadgets.


Leftovers: a man who must constantly obtain new limbs, this makes him a regrettably brutal fighter. He is a gentle soul, that must follow wars and terrorists everywhere! Stopping them (and stealing their arms)

Moon Master: created a helmet out of moon rock, that imbued him with fantastic cosmic powers.

How to: FLY: is an instruction comic that teaches you to fly


Destiny Dino: a dinosaur that escaped extinction by time traveling into the future! Evil Cavemen time travelers try to erase him from existence!

Death of a Salesman 2 (the resurrection): You know that story about the depressed salesman? Well he got hit by a radioactive car, and brought back to life! This time around he’s a radioactive self help guru, reaffirming your life and his, BY KICKING CRIME BUTT TOO!

Teen School, Adult Job; is a really crappy romance comic about teens in school and adults at jobs.

Well, there’s a lot more, but this post is super long already! So i hope you like these!!! BYYYE!

99 Messages and a Bitch Ain’t One.

I am Ulises, i decided to start using Live Journal, since there’s a lot of cool artists on this website, and i like cool art. Today i went to see Prince Caspian, it was very enjoyable. I love talking animals. Do you love talking animals? If you do, let me know which ones you love and what they’d say.

I should probably go to sleep, i have 1 minute til bedtime. Here are some favorite things of mine:

Rap Music. I’ve been listening to Lil’ Wayne and Rick Ross a lot lately. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Robots. I don’t have one..yet!!!

Pretty girls with far set eyes, so they look sort of like aliens.

Rooms filled with kitties!!!


I’m bored, i normally don’t post anything but drawings, but i figured, what’s the harm? Eh? Here we are. Goodnight.

New Drawing

I didn’t get to color this yet, but i’ll probably do it sometime this week. I should really be working on comics, instead of futzing around drawing random things. I just really got the urge to draw a girl that rides a caterpillar. I rarely ever draw girl protagonists, so i figured i should! So i did! Here ya go!!