END OF 2013 ULISES BLITZ. Recently was voted BREAKOUT ARTIST of 2013, and MOST OVERLOOKED Comic of 2013 on Multiversity Comics ! So here’s your chance to get everything.

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AMAZING FOREST – 99 CENT comics from MonkeyBrain with Erick Freitas and great line up of Artists


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Captain America REMIX!

This past week, i went to Puerto Rico, for its amazing comic convention! If you’re an artist or a professional, i totally encourage you to check it out. It’s a new convention that totally deserves support. The comic-fans there are super nice and friendly, and I really enjoyed the show. One of the prints i sold was this Capt. America drawing:

I think it’s a cool drawing, but there’s a few things about it, that after some time has bothered me a lot about it. So i decided to GEORGE LUCAS it, and i drew up some new drawings and this is the final result!

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Micro Commissions!

Hey everybody! I’ve been getting a bit swamped these days, but i try to always have room to draw for people who like my work. So i’m introducing micro-commissions. These are just cute little one-character b/w pieces. Check out this Cerebus i just did! If you want one, just send me an email!


Batman inspects a Gift.

I frequently think of superheroes, in their own little private universe in my head, in my own particular way. The way Superman talks, the way Batman thinks, and occasionally I like to draw my interpretations of them. One of my favorite pieces of mine, is the Batman is a Hoarder, mostly because it’s the most clear representation of everything i love about Batman. He’s lonely, obsessive, and a bit crazy, but he is more importantly noble and determined. So i decided to make a sister piece for the Hoarder drawing. It is sort of a thank you for Batman, a thank you to Batman, and a thank you to my friends and family this year for the constant love and support. Anywho, enough babbling, here’s the drawing:

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