Mega Engineering – Process and Progress of drawing Mega City 2


That, above, is a Road Drone. It’s one of the strange creatures that keeps Mega-City Two going, and growing. The drawing of a giant mega city is a lot more than just drawing, before you put pen to paper, you try to imagine living there. What’s it smell like, what’s the temperature, how’s it sound and where’s everyone going? If a picture represents a thousand words, then you gotta try to think of a thousand words to draw. Douglas Wolk and I shared a lot of notes and ideas about MC2, and before i even drew this page, i was already throwing him concept art for machines we might never see. But finally, i had to begin:
I do not like perspective lines. I don’t know if i just didn’t pay attention in class when they taught that section, but i can not get the hang of it. Whenever i’ve tried to lay down lines and follow them, it gets all messed up, so i either wing it and try to get it as close to accurate as possible, or i use tracing paper to draw the outline of buildings/places/etc. I don’t like to do the tracing paper thing too much, cause a part of me feels like it’s cheating. But oh well, i got deadlines to hit and i don’t like to waste time on ethical dilemmas.

Above you can see, that all the major chunks of land have been drawn in. But i found this composition, to be very very flat. There was nothing pulling me in. Yes, it was a functional drawing, but it wasn’t an “OH WOW” drawing, and so that’s where the Road Drone came in. I needed something in the foreground to provide scale, so that it didn’t appear as just some model railroad set. Before i drew that though, i lightly penciled a blob on the pencils of where that foreground element would go, and when it looked right in my mind’s eye, i drew the drone on a separate paper, cut him out, and placed him on the spread.

A few car blobs are penciled in, to show their size in relation to others. But the rest of the cars are drawn on the fly.


Here, you can see that i’ve added another foreground element, this time, a bridge overpass that is in the bottom left corner. When you’ve created a completely fictional world, you need repeated references to familiar things. A human body for instance can not be taller than 6 feet, and an owl can not be larger than a cat. These two things are both near very fictional things, that would give no context for their size otherwise.

Some things have to be fudged though, such as building windows. Their implied sizes is that these are all MEGA structures, the windows would all be dots on the surfaces. Dots are not very interesting.

Once all the elements are finalized more or less, i just began inking and inking and inking.


All of the signage was created as i went. I’d either talk to Douglas about things that we’ve seen in Mega City 1, or i’d just think of something really stupid and draw it in. I’m really proud of the Carl’s Sagan Jr. in particular. I’ll discover that certain compositional elements are needed, here and there, to break up certain areas are to make it feel like it’s buzzing and living and breathing. A satellite tower here, some smoke blowing out there.

Finally, 5 days later, it is all done! Then it is scanned and sent to be colored, by the awesome Ryan Hill!


JUDGE DREDD – Mega City 2 : City of Courts is coming out this January 2014 from IDW. Written by Douglas Wolk, and colored by Ryan Hill

GAMMA One Shot – July 24th & Catalyst: Agents of Change! July 3rd

San Diego Comic Con is gonna be a lot of fun for me. Two comics i’ve been working on in the last year, will be coming out this JULY! Check out the cover for the GAMMA one-shot, written by me and Erick Freitas, and drawn by me. Also, Catalyst: Agents of Change, will be out on July 3rd, written by Joe Casey, and drawn by Paul Maybury, Dan McDaid, and I.  What a blast!


Dark Horse Presents #20 : GAMMA, the final chapter!

The conclusion of GAMMA in Dark Horse Presents #20 is in this month’s issue. If you’ve been following it, it’s a crazy story about a pervy old dude trying to get back into the monster training game. It doesn’t work out so well. Check out this article in comics alliance, where i’m interviewed about the story:

In case that wasn’t a good sell, here are three scenes of Dusty being a crybaby, because he’s a loser. Go buy them!




^ full on wailing.


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Just to let anyone know, who wants to know, i have two tumblrs that I update regularly. This one:

Is my inspiration tumblr, where I post art and images that jumpstart my brain when i’m having trouble drawing.

And this one, is my advice column, where I answer people’s questions. It helps me relax at the end of the day, to just write for fun and think of solutions to problems.

Also, check out these Battle Beast designs, for funsies

GAMMA in Dark Horse Presents #18

This month’s Dark Horse Presents, is featuring a story i drew and cowrote with my pal Erick Freitas. You’ll be seeing a lot more of his work with me, in the next year, so keep an eye out for him. I’m really excited for this story, I think it’s some of the best work i’ve ever done. Check out a page from DHP #18, and go get yourself a copy!

ALSO, Today starts the 2nd Annual Black Friday sale! If you’ve been looking to buy one of my prints for awhile, now’s the time. Lots of art up for just $10! Go get them while you can!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

NYCC Signing!

Come to NYCC, this Oct 13, Saturday at 2:00 pm at the Diamond Select Toys booth, #2156 and i’ll sign this GIANT POSTER for you and Battlebeasts comics! See you then!

Marvel VS. Capcom Amalgam Universe!!!

Hey everyone, i’ve always loved the Marvel Vs. Capcom games, and i thought it’d be fun to combine them into new weird characters. Check it out!

Wolverine was the only mutant capable of surviving the experiments done to him by Mag Bison, in Project: Bionic. But they did more than give him a super grappling gun arm, he was forced to become Shadaloo’s most elite assassin!

Rescued by Dr.Light, Tony Stark was near death. Most of his body was either frozen, burnt or cut to shreds by the deadly assault of Cutman, Iceman and Fireman. But using their own technology against them, Dr.Light forged the indestructable android, the IRON-Mega.

MAG Bison. Supreme Ruler of Shadaloo, Commander of Mutant Armies. Once a victim of war and genocide, he can now think of nothing else but the destruction of mankind. He hosts the Street Fighter championships, which are nothing more but gruesome gladiator games to keep his hungry people from rioting. The winner thinks their wishes will come true, but they are really kidnapped and experimented upon! Replaced by Doomdroids that masquerade as them.

Roger Guiles – The Super Soldier. The first winner of the Street Fighter championship, and the first successful experiment of Mag Bisons. Unfortunately, it was too successful, and “Guile”, as he is known to his men, escaped and now leads a guerilla uprising in the nation of Shadaloo.

Arthur – The Nova Knight




I recently did a signing with Bobby Curnow at San Diego Comic Con, he’s the writer for Battle Beasts (Incredible adventures, every step!) for IDW, and i did TWO variant covers for them! Hope you like them!

And for the mighty mega fans of BattleBeasts (of which i am one, i still have 3 of those toys) here are my designs i did for when they were seeking artists. They are much more similar to the original look.

Hope you like them! Go buy the comic! Battlebeasts #1 from IDW.

New Business Cards

Check out my redesign of my business card! I thought it needed to show my style more clearly, more color and more relevant information! If i meet you, i’ll be handing you one of these bad boys

Captain America REMIX!

This past week, i went to Puerto Rico, for its amazing comic convention! If you’re an artist or a professional, i totally encourage you to check it out. It’s a new convention that totally deserves support. The comic-fans there are super nice and friendly, and I really enjoyed the show. One of the prints i sold was this Capt. America drawing:

I think it’s a cool drawing, but there’s a few things about it, that after some time has bothered me a lot about it. So i decided to GEORGE LUCAS it, and i drew up some new drawings and this is the final result!

Get the new version, as a print now!


I got the great opportunity to do the cover for one of the best new comics on the market. Glory #26 by Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell, where the female superhero  is built like a truck, and can do major damage. I really love Ross’ character design, and was super cool drawing her after a one woman monster holocaust.

TRANSFORM and Roll out!

Hey, it’s been almost a year since i worked on the Transformers: Heart of Darkness series, and i’ve never really shown what i did for that series. It was good fun working on the transformers, and i guess i haven’t shown to much of it because 1. the fans seemed to hate it, and 2. i didn’t like how some of it came out either. But here are some bits i am happy with, so maybe they’ll make you happy to.

Batman inspects a Gift.

I frequently think of superheroes, in their own little private universe in my head, in my own particular way. The way Superman talks, the way Batman thinks, and occasionally I like to draw my interpretations of them. One of my favorite pieces of mine, is the Batman is a Hoarder, mostly because it’s the most clear representation of everything i love about Batman. He’s lonely, obsessive, and a bit crazy, but he is more importantly noble and determined. So i decided to make a sister piece for the Hoarder drawing. It is sort of a thank you for Batman, a thank you to Batman, and a thank you to my friends and family this year for the constant love and support. Anywho, enough babbling, here’s the drawing:

Print of this on sale for one month only! Go get it!


Parlez vous francais? Wrong language. So i did this awhile ago for Wired Italy, and sorta forgot about it. Its an article about the destruction of the music industry…or somethin’.

Busy Weekend

Hello everyone! So over the weekend, i managed to finagle myself one of those fancy wacom cintiqs. Boy, they are fun, and cut down my coloring time by half. I managed to color these two pieces, just to give the machine a whirl!

This Godzilla piece was a spec piece i did for Toho, it didn’t ring their bell, but hopefully you will like it. I think if Cobra Commander obtained Xilian technology, he’d finally be a credible threat. And what would be more awesome than a jurassic park style adventure featuring the G.I.Joes fighting their way past giant man-eating monsters?

This is a WHAT IF!? Spiderman story i came up with, where after Spiderman is chosen by the Uni-force, he somehow discovers how to keep it permanently, and goes about rewriting the universe. Story events like the ol’ Brand New Day, make me think that Peter Parker would make an awesome villain.. A man-child unable to deal with loss


Also, go buy the new ultimate comics: spiderman, it’s awesome. I think Miles Morales is my new favorite character.

One Last Knight for Justice!

TRAGEDY! What happens when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong? The Justice League is eradicated, but one hero is left standing. And it only takes one hero to do the right thing, to fight to the last moment, that hero is BATMAN.

Salvaging what he can from the destruction, Batman only has a few more hours before the Universe is destroyed. He only has one last night, to be a knight in shining armor.

Two new pages!

Hey everyone, i’ve recently added two new pages to my website! One of them is a CRAZY CHEAP sale going on, for the next month. I’m posting 5 original pages of art a week til the end of september, to help fund a trip to Puerto Rico. Help me travel! Below is an example of what is on sale this week:

Buy! Art for sale!

And also, i’ve uploaded a book I drew almost 5 years ago, but has never seen the light of day. Check it out, and let me know what you think:


Excerpt from House of Mystery #34

Sometimes, i make some art that i’m not sure anyone sees, and i actually forget about it myself. I recently rediscovered the small story i drew in February, for House of Mystery #3 (Vertigo), and thought “This was cool.” Check it out, and go buy an issue! Also, tell Vertigo you’d like more comics drawn by me.

House of Mystery #34