It’s that time of the year, the time of year where Ulises has one of the best things he drew (and wrote with Erick Freitas) all last year, collected into a ONE SHOT out on JULY 24th. And that means me and Erick Freitas, are having a signing AND an ART SHOW.

First signing is Weds. @ Forbidden Planet in Union Square, NYC 6:30 pm.

And this Saturday 7:00 pm, If you wanted to buy some original art, get your butt down to Philly and have some good times with us at LOCUST MOON. Y’all need to understand, that Locust Moon is one of the best spots on the east coast. Check out some of the art on sale!

And if you can’t make it to these shows, make sure to pick up your issue of GAMMA at your local comic spot!
GammaOriginal008 GammaOriginal009

GAMMA One Shot – July 24th & Catalyst: Agents of Change! July 3rd

San Diego Comic Con is gonna be a lot of fun for me. Two comics i’ve been working on in the last year, will be coming out this JULY! Check out the cover for the GAMMA one-shot, written by me and Erick Freitas, and drawn by me. Also, Catalyst: Agents of Change, will be out on July 3rd, written by Joe Casey, and drawn by Paul Maybury, Dan McDaid, and I.  What a blast!


NYCC Signing!

Come to NYCC, this Oct 13, Saturday at 2:00 pm at the Diamond Select Toys booth, #2156 and i’ll sign this GIANT POSTER for you and Battlebeasts comics! See you then!


I recently did a signing with Bobby Curnow at San Diego Comic Con, he’s the writer for Battle Beasts (Incredible adventures, every step!) for IDW, and i did TWO variant covers for them! Hope you like them!

And for the mighty mega fans of BattleBeasts (of which i am one, i still have 3 of those toys) here are my designs i did for when they were seeking artists. They are much more similar to the original look.

Hope you like them! Go buy the comic! Battlebeasts #1 from IDW.


I got the great opportunity to do the cover for one of the best new comics on the market. Glory #26 by Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell, where the female superhero  is built like a truck, and can do major damage. I really love Ross’ character design, and was super cool drawing her after a one woman monster holocaust.

Justice League 1000 CE returns

The Legion of Doom has been defeated, and the Crusades are over. England awaits the triumphant return of King Richard I. But he is not the same man, the wars for the holy land have changed him, instead of a holy grail, he brings back arabic numerology – he has unwittingly unlocked the ANTI-LIFE EQUATION. The once benevolent king now seeks to spread HIS DARKSEID!

Busy Weekend

Hello everyone! So over the weekend, i managed to finagle myself one of those fancy wacom cintiqs. Boy, they are fun, and cut down my coloring time by half. I managed to color these two pieces, just to give the machine a whirl!

This Godzilla piece was a spec piece i did for Toho, it didn’t ring their bell, but hopefully you will like it. I think if Cobra Commander obtained Xilian technology, he’d finally be a credible threat. And what would be more awesome than a jurassic park style adventure featuring the G.I.Joes fighting their way past giant man-eating monsters?

This is a WHAT IF!? Spiderman story i came up with, where after Spiderman is chosen by the Uni-force, he somehow discovers how to keep it permanently, and goes about rewriting the universe. Story events like the ol’ Brand New Day, make me think that Peter Parker would make an awesome villain.. A man-child unable to deal with loss


Also, go buy the new ultimate comics: spiderman, it’s awesome. I think Miles Morales is my new favorite character.

One Last Knight for Justice!

TRAGEDY! What happens when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong? The Justice League is eradicated, but one hero is left standing. And it only takes one hero to do the right thing, to fight to the last moment, that hero is BATMAN.

Salvaging what he can from the destruction, Batman only has a few more hours before the Universe is destroyed. He only has one last night, to be a knight in shining armor.