Biography of Ulises Farinas

Early Years

Ulises Farinas was born Ulises Alfonso Farinas, to Cuban Immigrants; Aldolfo Tranquilino Farinas and Georgina Pavon, in the year 1985, at 2:11 am, in New Jersey. His childhood was spent in poverty, which he escaped from into a vivid dreamscape which the artist has come to know as The Ulyverse.

His parents arrived in the United States in 1980 from Havana, Cuba, with one son, Paris Farinas. Previously, Adolfo Farinas had spent 10 years in the prison system of Cuba. Georgina Pavon had lost her employment as a History Professor in the national College after being accused of anti-Castro sentiments. Georgina would also suffer from schitzophrenia throughout her life.

They would have three other children; Julien, Jorge, and finally Ulises. They would separate six to eight years after arriving, and Adolfo would meet Leslie Morris from Union, NJ. Leslie and Adolfo would have one daughter, Sierra Farinas, and moved in with Adolfo and his children.

Ulises Farinas would go to public school in Elizabeth, NJ, and was not baptized until he was 12 years old. He did not complete the Catholic sacraments. He would later attend the School of Visual Arts university in New York City, before seeking fulltime employment instead of finishing his courses.

He began to receive sporadic illustration assignments for the New York Times and various magazines, before being hired as an artist on the IDW series “Transformers”, and then as artist and also co-writer of the IDW Judge Dredd series.

These popular stories are our modern parables, and each one points towards the same universal truths. In 2018, Ulises Farinas moved to upstate New York, where he was instructed to continue his studies in Theosophy, or the Divine Wisdom. This is the belief that the nature of God and the universe can be discoverable through reason and the applied senses.

In 2020, he began writing A Course in Magic, which gives instruction on how to use magic in one’s life.

Notable Relationships

Erick Freitas, Frequent Collaborator

Daniel Irizzari, Frequent Collaborator

Ryan Hill, Colorist

Melody Often, Wife and Collaborator

Storme Smith, Cofounders of Buno Books


Portland, OR

Los Angeles, CA

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Lodz, Poland

Athens, Greece

Paris, France

New York City, NY


Star Wars: Where’s the Wookiee

Amazing Forest



Judge Dredd



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles