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Where’s the Wookie

A book I worked on in 2014-2015, took me forever to do! Colors by Ryan Hill.

Where’s the Wookie

A book I worked on in 2014-2015, took me forever to do! Colors by Ryan Hill.

Slowing down to Smell the Roses

Originally posted on THE IDOL BOX:
The last year of my life has been one of a lot of changes. Well, not changes, more like leveling up. I moved to a new city (Portland), distant friends became closer friends, and close friends became more distant.…

In my Dreams, I was an Engineer

When i was a little kid, i was crazy for those amazing cut away books. I would read them all, pour over the illustrations, and they really are a genius way of getting across how complex systems and machines are put together, and unraveling the […]

How to draw Cars!

Cars are really a pain to draw! But after having to draw a bunch of cars, trucks, trains, and bikes in JUDGE DREDD – MEGA CITY 2 (#5 comes out this weds!) I really got a handle on these beasts. Now i like drawing them. […]

JUDGE DREDD #4 Detailed Anatomy

How to draw a dope city-scape y’all: First things first! PLAY WITH BLOCKS! I don’t need no fancy google sketchup, I’m oldschool. I just grab my trusty box of box and thigamajigs and start playing on the floor. After i make a cool little city-scape, […]

The Idol-Box

I’ve been writing a lot, all around the internet. On Think Faest, Mister Misses, and my Facebook (ha!) and i’ve decided to bring some method to my madness, so i created a website to contain all of my writing-focused projects. Check out the IDOL-BOX, it’s my new […]


If you loved GAMMA, me and Erick Freitas have brought you the next super excellent comic, through MONKEYBRAIN. 4 different artists, a cover by Paul Chadwick, an amazing logo by Hannah Nance Partlow and everything written by the best super team since Batman & Superman. […]


It’s that time of the year, the time of year where Ulises has one of the best things he drew (and wrote with Erick Freitas) all last year, collected into a ONE SHOT out on JULY 24th. And that means me and Erick Freitas, are […]

Dark Horse Presents #20 : GAMMA, the final chapter!

The conclusion of GAMMA in Dark Horse Presents #20 is in this month’s issue. If you’ve been following it, it’s a crazy story about a pervy old dude trying to get back into the monster training game. It doesn’t work out so well. Check out […]

GLORY to the New Year!

My first comic of the new year comes out this wednesday! Thats Jan 2nd! and it is Joe Keatinge’s and Ross Campbell’s GLORY #31, where i illustrate just exactly what went down. It is monumental! Check out this sneak peak at one of the panels, […]

GAMMA in Dark Horse Presents #18

This month’s Dark Horse Presents, is featuring a story i drew and cowrote with my pal Erick Freitas. You’ll be seeing a lot more of his work with me, in the next year, so keep an eye out for him. I’m really excited for this […]

Break time! – NEW PRINT

Had a few days between projects, so i decided to draw something just for fun. BEHOLD, Many many many Iron men! Versus the HULK. Also, i prefer to draw the Hulk without hair. Just makes sense to me for some reason.

NYCC Signing!

Come to NYCC, this Oct 13, Saturday at 2:00 pm at the Diamond Select Toys booth, #2156 and i’ll sign this GIANT POSTER for you and Battlebeasts comics! See you then!

Marvel VS. Capcom Amalgam Universe!!!

Hey everyone, i’ve always loved the Marvel Vs. Capcom games, and i thought it’d be fun to combine them into new weird characters. Check it out! Wolverine was the only mutant capable of surviving the experiments done to him by Mag Bison, in Project: Bionic. […]

Ludwig, Can You Hear Me? Poster

Hey, not sure if i ever posted this, but last year i did a cool poster for this cool hip hop album, called Ludwig, Can You Hear me? Check it out, then check out their music.


I recently did a signing with Bobby Curnow at San Diego Comic Con, he’s the writer for Battle Beasts (Incredible adventures, every step!) for IDW, and i did TWO variant covers for them! Hope you like them! And for the mighty mega fans of BattleBeasts […]

New Business Cards

Check out my redesign of my business card! I thought it needed to show my style more clearly, more color and more relevant information! If i meet you, i’ll be handing you one of these bad boys

Captain America REMIX!

This past week, i went to Puerto Rico, for its amazing comic convention! If you’re an artist or a professional, i totally encourage you to check it out. It’s a new convention that totally deserves support. The comic-fans there are super nice and friendly, and […]


I got the great opportunity to do the cover for one of the best new comics on the market. Glory #26 by Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell, where the female superhero  is built like a truck, and can do major damage. I really love Ross’ […]

This is me enjoying a comic

I just got my Fanboys vs. Zombies comics in the mail, with my super crazy zombie-attack convention cover! It looks super fly! Go pick it up in stores!  

Justice League 1000 CE returns

The Legion of Doom has been defeated, and the Crusades are over. England awaits the triumphant return of King Richard I. But he is not the same man, the wars for the holy land have changed him, instead of a holy grail, he brings back […]

TRANSFORM and Roll out!

Hey, it’s been almost a year since i worked on the Transformers: Heart of Darkness series, and i’ve never really shown what i did for that series. It was good fun working on the transformers, and i guess i haven’t shown to much of it […]


I am like a factory of images. And now i’m on bookshelves as well as comics. Check out this cover i did for FANDOM UNBOUND: Otaku Culture in a Connected World. Can’t wait to get my copy, go out and buy it if you’re interested […]

Micro Commissions!

Hey everybody! I’ve been getting a bit swamped these days, but i try to always have room to draw for people who like my work. So i’m introducing micro-commissions. These are just cute little one-character b/w pieces. Check out this Cerebus i just did! If […]

Recent Work!

I’ve been busy lately, working on 2 books, a show for Giant Robot 2, and cover art for some great comics coming out! First off, make sure to check out on FEB 18, THIS: Make sure to check it out, it’s a sneak preview for […]

Process and Progress

I’m usually pretty absent minded about actually recording how i get to point A to point B in a drawing. But i did this cover for Zupi Magazine, that i’m really pleased with, and so here is how i make a super detailed drawing. Go […]

Batman inspects a Gift.

I frequently think of superheroes, in their own little private universe in my head, in my own particular way. The way Superman talks, the way Batman thinks, and occasionally I like to draw my interpretations of them. One of my favorite pieces of mine, is […]