Judge Dredd, IDW Publishing

I did a pretty dope run on the dopest fascist in science fiction: JUDGE DREDD. You can buy it in my online shop, Mosswollis, or in person at local pop-ups with my partner Melody Often.

Together with Douglas Wolk, writer of Judge Dredd: Mega City Two, Erick Freitas, Co-Writer of Judge Dredd: Mega City Zero and Judge Dredd: Blessed Earth, and award winning artists; Dan McDaid, Dan Irizarri, Pablo Tunica, Ryan Hill, Melody Often. We told an epic journey of a God’s Force of Nature encountering the Implacable Man: Judge Joseph Dredd.

The character was originally conceived by the combined genius of writer John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra in the pages of 2000 AD, March 1977.

RAD DUDE, an idle game

I make up worlds for people, conceiving of story lore and a menagerie of characters. I collaborate with artists to bring the world to life.