“Our Souls are coordinates. Space is infinite. We find the center of the universe by finding each other,”

– The Wizard of Odds

Most people ask “What is Magic?” and would like a simple answer contained to a single thesis. Any such definition of Magic would be utterly lacking, but many have tried to encapsulate their approach or a philosophy on the subject in a codex. With the advent of the internet, there no longer exists physical limitations to publishing these theories or recording them. As a result, interest in Magic has grown substantially. Below is my given definition in my first book about Magic, “Practical Wizardy, vol.1”

Magic: (def) The ability to spontaneously manifest change in every moment

In the comic, the images zoom in on a single particle, before positing the existence of a “Living Atom”. It ends with the statement that “This drawing took an infinite number of moments,” an incomplete line of thinking which leads us to our next subject; knowledge. The pursuit of any study is the goal of increased knowledge and understanding in a subject, we spend our lives to obtain this information, and when we die, many presume this information is lost with us. However, this is impossible, as it would result in an obliteration of mass / energy which is continuous. This is the central question of Magic, if one can spend life energy to gain knowledge, can one exchange knowledge to gain life energy? This process of transformation was once called Alchemy, which turned into the fields of Chemistry and Physics, but all describe the same fundamental manipulations of our universe in the spatial, temporal, and spiritual realms.

As a result, to understand Magic, one must understand the nature of all things. To those ends, one seeks Logos (Knowledge) and Gnosis (Wisdom), and over time, as their life grows larger and their faith grows deeper, a growing awareness of hidden forces becomes apparent and a student reaches Enlightenment, or perfect understanding.

Key Concepts

There are certain words that I use that may seem familiar or you may have heard them in other holy texts or contexts. These are icons we use to quickly understand large, often paradoxical entities or events in our spiritual journey. Poetic and artistic depictions of symbols and shapes eloquently describe what rigid literalist approaches can not. Below I’ve attempted to introduce what I believe are three ideas that I must define how I’m using before i continue.

The Source. God. The High Wave Form. Allah. Jehovah. Adonai. The names are as many as there are stars, and yet the names contain no descriptive properties, no clue as to what God defines. The Source is a term I use to remind the reader that all things have a force that moves upon them, and in turn, all forces have forces acting upon them. Working backwards from this presumption, a prime force exists but also a prime anti-force for the first force to act against. The Source is the paradox of endless growth and impossible beginnings from which a hidden fount of energy, mass, and power is available, that moves outward from this initial singularity to effect and give rise to all living things, they themselves a fractal remainder of this paradox resolving the impossible design in real time by living and dying. The Source gives rise to consciousness as a holographic side effect of this process of dilation across the space time continuum.

The Triple Gem. Trinities are everywhere, and this is a result of the mathematical restraints that three planes of direction offer living beings. A single point moving the smallest direction with the least amount of energy would move in a straight line, and gives rise to the triangle if it moves in any other direction than back to its origen. But the Triple Gem, in Buddhism refers to the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha; the teacher, the teachings, and the students. It describes an ancient spiritual organization to gain understanding, known also as the Great Refuge. I have expanded the concept to hold the three modern faith-systems: Buddhism, Hermeticism, and the Abrahamic faiths. Buddhism corresponds to the head, it contains the intellectual requirements to understand the Source. Hermeticism, or ancient Egyptian magic, corresponds to the body, and contains the physical requirements and rituals that our bodies use to empower our minds and spirit. Finally, the Abrahamic faiths, which concern the spirit the highest, contains the moral requirements to understand the Source. The teacher, the teachings and the students also correspond to the Mind, Body, and Spirit. To understand one you need to understand the others, and keep all three in balance. Triangles gain stability when placed against one another, and so we have been formed in this Trinary as well, to seek out others and form stable complex shapes together. This process is crystalization and makes very long lasting structures. The Triple Gem is a lens to perceive higher dimensions in our limited dimensional awareness.

The Vessel. Before there is 3, there is 2, and before there is 2, there is one. But the concept of Zero is harder to grasp. This is why the analogy or symbol of the Vessel is used. A vessel is only useful when it is empty, for a filled vessel can hold nothing. However, a vessel which is broken, and can hold nothing but emptiness, is worthless, as its purpose is to eliminate its lack. When its purpose is fulfilled, it may stay in this way indefinitely, holding whatever essence for as long as the Vessel can hold. As living beings, our lack is felt as pain, which moves us towards our purpose of being filled. But as we grow older, our Vessel begins to decay, and it holds less than before, until one day, it can hold no more. Then the Vessel becomes inside out, and holds nothingness from then on, and in time, it too becomes nothing. When it finally achieves this status, it can only be found in empty vessels and it can choose to be reborn as a Vessel once more.

Ego. The Vessel is a symbol for our Ego, which grows like a thin invisible shell that holds immeasurable amounts of data. Over time, it can become full but leave us unfulfilled, when one fills the Vessel not with one’s own essence, but with spiritual detritus. Through daily practice in Meditation, study of the Triple Gem, and connection to the Source, one can begin to empty out one’s Vessel, repair the cracks in the shell, and grow fuller with constant connection to the Source. Over time, what you gather in knowledge and wisdom must be poured out as well lest it be hoarded. The shell develops a patina over time as it reacts to external stimuli, that is a unique record of it’s encounter. In daily life, we think of this outer-most shell’s patina as the Self, or our Personality.

The Self. The Self can be broken into two halves, awareness and ego. There is the true Self, which observes all things impartially on our behalf, witnesses our true intentions, and keeps us breathing and our heart beating. This is and it is awareness, and it is aware of its’ own awareness. The true self is our Nature, it is an instinctual intuitive intelligence gifted to us before words to form symbolic thought. Additionally, as we get older we become more “Self-conscious.” In other words, our Ego develops its own Self, or false Self, which is our personality at any given moment as a complex network of memories, preferences, and neurotic cycles. The False Self is constantly activated during the waking hours, as a processor for all the information we receive, and this act of processing we call “Thought” or “Consciousness”, and it is obsessed with knowledge, or data acquisition. The True Self and False Self have access to the same information. The True Self also processes the data but it also transforms it into memory, and reconciles it with any previous or incoming data, preventing insanity or memory lapses, before merging with the information completely as a new aspect of it’s total awareness.

The Wave Form. Since the True Self is pre-symbolic thought, it does not know in the way we know a fact or figure. Instead, each thing contains in itself an oscillating energy field which can be described as a unique pattern. The True Self can see this pattern in all things, and in this way it knows all things while knowing no thing. Every pattern matches to the Source, with its unique pattern manifesting everywhere in a fractal shape i have termed a “Wave Form”. The Self is constantly in harmony with the High Wave Form, and it is our False Self, that prevents us from understanding how our pattern matches the cosmic Pattern. To ‘know’ a thing, the Self compares a thing’s wave form to the High Wave Form, to identify it’s unique fractal pattern among the larger pattern. There is no other pattern like such a thing, and when its location is unified, the true name of the thing, the lower Waveform, is revealed, or it’s nature is revealed. This is how we know a color, BLUE, and can predict that requesting the color by it’s name, BLUE, that another with a Self, can know that which we speak: BLUE. But what about BLUE ? Perceive how this simple illusion, changing the color of the word Blue, can be disorienting to our False Selves, as it seeks to do what the True Self does effortlessly. A color cannot be anything but its own nature, lest it cease to be itself.

The Cross. This shape is the proto-triangle, and represents conflict and space. It can be described as having 2 lines, 4 lines, or 4 lines with a single point in the middle. The chessboard, the crucifix, and the game Battleship, all use crosses to signify territory, torture, and dimension. Before there is three, there is two, and these two are always in opposition moving away from one another. If they fuse, they become one, and become in opposition to a new two. When there is three, there becomes stability, and when there is four, there becomes eternity. Dualistic or Black and White thinking is two dimensional, whereas you need a third dimension always for depth. However, our material universe, as it only has three dimensions, flattens to a bulging disc over large energy fields, due to the entropic collapse of the higher dimensions into lower ones at all times. In wave/particle collapse theory, the Cross is the particle.

The Ying & Yang. Related to the cross, this is a visual depiction of a wave form. It is a circle with an S-shape bisecting it, and two orbs in the larger part of each shape. Often in black and white or opposing color schemes. It represents harmony between opposing forces, as opposed to intersection. Instead of being one possible mass and location, it represents speed and direction. Placing two ying yangs perpendicular over one another, forms a swirling cross; a system twisted by a larger force.

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