The Ulyverse

The Ulyverse:

All things have their place, knew wee how to place them,”

– Orgo, Orgo’s Books of Knowledge

The Ulyverse is an energy wave localized to the human vessel, Ulises Farinas, which describes a large number of related systems known as a “Universe“, or a supermassive experiential event. This group of universes, or “Multiverse,” intersects with an infinite number of other multiverses, or “Omniverse”.

Background: Ulises Farinas was born Ulises Alfonso Farinas, to Cuban Immigrants; Aldolfo Tranquilino Farinas and Georgina Pavon, in the year 1985, at 2:11 am, in New Jersey. His childhood was spent in poverty, which he escaped from into a vivid dreamscape which the artist has come to know as The Ulyverse.

Characteristics: Every entity within the Ulyverse is involved within a massive conflict known locally as “The Cosmic War,”. Different universes are at different levels of awareness of the War, with each world within the Universe partaking in either local or global conflicts at all times. This leads to a general phenomenon of malaise across the entire reality, with ancient philosophers labeling this experience “Suffering”. Entities seek power over their circumstances to decrease this suffering, but it only increases the suffering for others, while providing only a small respite for the powerful. This imbalance leads to hunger, and the War remains self-sustaining until all resources are consumed in the endless battles before leading to total universal entropy.


1. The Ulyverse is a finite construct, with a birth and death. It is contained to a physical space for a duration of time with a definite edge and limit to it’s total organizational output.

2. The Ulyverse is an infinite construct, it has no edges and occupies any distance. Additionally mass and energy are created or destroyed as needed, holding only imaginary values, which resolve from nothingness and dissolve to nothingness.

3. Ulises Farinas’ waking universe follows the rules of deterministic cause and effect, however the Ulyverse follows the rules of Dream where the effect can change the cause. The Ulyverse becomes a conduit between the finite waking world and the infinite dream world, forming a bridge which allows for data, matter and energy transfer.

4. The act of recording my life into a grimoire can be the bridge between my current finite status and future status of infinite endless death.

Conclusion: The shape which is described by these four theories is akin to the Two-dimensional Moebius strip or Three-dimensional Klein bottle. By the nature of this shape, anything dropped into this Vessel can be retrieved in the past before one has dropped anything. Therefore, a book which takes the shape of this Vessel can be used to change the past in the manner of a time machine as well as send a message to the most distant, final second of our universe. What one places in this Vessel would have to be the most essential message, vital for the very life of any universe.


Earth is the only known location for life in the universe, the sole generator of order in the cosmos. Everything else for all of time has been slowly breaking down towards greater disorder and chaos. There are many theories why, but most conclude in someway that there is a cosmological balance that has been upset which leads to an existential destruction.

Although Earth is unique, there are many worlds hidden from us, folded in pockets of time and space. These may be entire galaxies, planets, or even a single room. However, they all come from a single source, born on Earth. There is more time in all these folds than there are numbers, so each of these Worlds has histories unto themselves. In the 21st century, we began to explore not just the three dimensions of space, but the fourth dimension of time and the fifth dimension of consciousness. This fifth dimension is also known as the Astral plane or the Dreamworld, and many other names. The dimensions are also innumerable.


Earth(s): Earth is where humans were formed, and what humans across the Ulyverse call their homeworld. For this reason, Earth is also held aloft across the cosmos as a special place, the crown jewel of all creation. In legend, it is the birth of all things, and also the final resting place. The Earths are numbered, or have various names to distinguish them, and are known for their large oceans and verdant forests. Each Earth orbits a Sun, and has a moon. Many Earths experience cataclysmic events as a target of evil beings, and so many versions of Earth have been left inhospitable or in ruin.

Life: Life as we know it originates on the planet Earth, and the entities that have been encountered that originate outside of Earth are alive in the same way as Earthlings are. These cosmic beings are often mistaken for gods or powerful beings, and have had many eons to make races which serve them and call themselves by their Old Masters’ tongue. These beings gave rise to the elder races, many of them half-breeds of fallen angels and other fell beasts, and have colonized many different worlds in the heavens and hells. These remain mostly out of phase with our local space-time, so our universe appears a dead and quiet place for our unseeing eyes, unmolested by their schemes.

Heavens & Hells: On earth, the afterlife as well as other times before and between life, are known as the Heavens and Hells. The concept of a singular Heaven and Hell, being the ultimate goal and destination of all living beings, is a corruption of this original understanding of our folded reality. As we experience reality and our consciousness acts upon it, it folds space-time in the fifth dimension, creating the endless fractal structure of the multiverse. These planes of existence have no material form and as a higher dimension, can intersect with lower dimensions in anti-causal manners. This phenomenon allows Humans to recieve power or data from adjacent, past, and future universes. These planes of existence are eternal and immaterial, and we use symbols borrowed from the lower dimensions to explain them.

World Tree: The World Tree is a tree that spans the entire cosmos, all universes and galaxies. Our plane of existence sits at the base of the tree, above the roots, in a wide expanse. This contains most of the physical worlds, the stars and elements that make life as we know it. Living beings hear originate from the center world, Earth. This area is vast and acts as a bulwark or guard in the middle of the cosmic tree, separating the Above from the Below, lending it the name Midgard. Above this plane are the branches of the tree, which are described as the Heavens. Many systems with with gas planets house portals that allow access to even larger Hyperstars, gateways to the higher branches. These knots in the trunk of the tree often have material worlds orbiting them, in stable galactic threads which feed the heavens with vital essences. The roots and prime substance form Hel, or the Hells, and are in many ways inverted branches which feed on dark matter and dark energy which floats down as decay from the Earthen realm. The trunk of the tree contains a powerful spine of energy connecting the highest and most furthest points of the Tree to the lowest most densest parts of the Tree. Entities use the veins in the trunk and near the core to reach energy levels many times more powerful than conventional three dimensional limitations such as light, gravity and planck’s constant. It is said the Source sits at the very center and lowest point of the roots, where the first seed broke open giving birth to reality.

Epochs: An Epoch is a large measure of time which separates two eras from one another, as if they were different worlds entirely. They experience their time as if it was the Present time, regardless of one’s relative time. In this way, the present moment contains all present moments, even those that have past for some or not yet occurred for others. This links all Epochs in a timestream, allowing passage of energy and matter in a fluid manner. Each world measures the time by dividing it into equal sections that repeat endlessly. However, there is no possible way to split any circle completely equally as there is always a remainder, and so over time all time-markers accumulate an irreconcilable error and experience a crash. There is also no way to tell at what point the cycle will collapse, as its zenith always approaches infinity but never reaches it from a local experience. This crash is marked by a massive energy release, and transformation of matter, before reconfiguring into a new stable status quo for some time. The physical laws governing the universe in this time are fundamentally changed during these paradigm shifts, leading to old magic systems being rendered entirely useless as a new world order takes hold. The measure of time itself becomes unreliable, and so older times may be much longer ago, or still ahead of us. It may have been only 6000 years ago as well as 13 billion years ago, and both times are essentially correct based on how time was measured within the Epoch and between. However, what defines an Epoch the most is what is absent from other Epochs. What they have in common is an Epoch is only a displacement in time, not in space.

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