Sun’s Penumbra

* A Twilight Fan-Fic *

Sun’s Penumbra, Chapter 1

It has been seven hundred years since high school. Edward has not changed. For the first 350 years, that’s what I loved about him. But now it has become clear, my husband will never change.

He still loves me, with the same intensity as the day I became his biology lab partner. But I haven’t been that girl in almost a millenium, and sometimes, no..most times, I wish he could see that. I wish he could change. I wish he could see me. But none of them can. I am as invisible to vampires, as vampires are to humans. It is because of this, i have become the Queen of all the Damned, feared by all vampires, and I rule them and this world. But to Edward, i’m nothing more than a shy awkward 19 year old girl. And i must admit, there’s still those few moments, I can recall some event from that time like it was a movie, like i’m there all over again, and I know for all his faults, Edward is the perfect vampire for me.

I have decided to kill Edward for his next birthday. I pity him, he’s so perfectly content, that he has watched me bring to the edge of extinction three different empires, with nothing more than a reassuring smirk and a soft piano melody over wine as New New York falls. A part of me is horrified by his indifference. A weekend in Morocco is as wonderful to him as three decades covered in mud murdering Cajuns in the Bayou, while speaking an unintelligible pidgin. I only sought to conquer the planet for the novelty. It had never been done before, and the challenge was sufficienty complex and daunting that it would and should occupy my every waking thought and motivation. Absent of desires to eat, drink, fuck, or even kill, the careful manipulation of entire populations was a sport i took to readily. But my enthusiasm was matched all too well by my vampire allies, and the blood wars were much shorter than anticipated. It only made sense to decimate my allies afterwards as a certain twisted epilogue. But now i’m left with the daily minutia of hearing “More blood for the blood goddess?” ad nausem, and a remaining human populace so broken they are nothing more than lambs to be snatched. In short, I have nothing in common with anyone, not even my beloved. When i’ve explained this to Edward, he kisses me deeply, and explains how he would lose himself in my void. I only allow him to believe it reassures me, for he only tries with more passion and more elaborate methods. I once had to appease Edward for 245 days on a Ghost Ship themed cruise, where he only appeared in psychic form to fornicate with me. I now believe that Edward in many ways would continue on even without me, he would lose himself in an endless void as entropy closed in around him, he’d whisper “Bella,”

I can’t take it. I want everyone to fear me, and to imagine that he could reduce all i have accomplished to a silly love story. This is my curse. If only I knew at the time the true cost, but ultimately that is what i have discovered about my curse, it seduced me. Even if Edward can not see it, he ruined me. The devil sleeps in my bed, but he is forever out of reach of my murderous intent, because he lives in a world where i am his. As the only vampire who can communicate with me telepathically, he very much believes this is true, and never stops talking about it. While i’m sleeping, While i’m driving, While i’m swimming, While i’m eating, While we’re fucking. It never ends. He adores me. He loves me. He craves my blood still. Imagine 700 years of this.

I must kill him. But he is immortal. I try to kill him, he knows of my plans now. The ruler of the world is denied certain secrets. If anyone dies, it’s because i’ve willed it. I have reluctantly noted that his vampire form has undergone changes. Like many ancient lineages, he’s gone full Nosferatu. He’s bald now. His physique is…different. He’s much more resilient, or as he puts it, ‘persistent’, and he’s hornier than ever. When i hear “come hear, Spider monkey,” I shudder from revulsion.

Today is my birthday, and as has every year gone past, Edward has remembered. He is aware of at least two schemes to erase his immortal essence from existence, and i’m sure that he has factored that into the schedule. Before me is a box, it is my wedding dress from our first wedding. he reminds me, it is our 704th anniversary – Seven Hundred years PLUS the time we spent unmarried. For some reason, this is significant to my simple minded lover. I rip it to shreds and howl at the moon, which cracks across its face and bleeds crimson rain over Los Angeles. The rain fills bowls that line a pathway that leads me to the ceremony, and the wind that blows plays an orchestra of his first song he wrote for me, “Bella’s Lullaby”

He tells me to prepare for a surprise, but I have already heard from my vassals of my daughter’s Renesme’s return. She is kept in a glass coffin by her father, in a crypt far below the earth. She burns with hatred for all vampire kinds, her Mother especially, the Queen of the Damned for bringing her into this hellscape. She believes she can end it. She calls herself a messiah, and when humans see her, the believe she is something like that. But as a vampire herself, her habit of feeding on her followers has made her apocalyptic cult a very short lived one. Her father protects her from her own ambitions for hunting her in multiple lifetimes, erasing her mind of each cycle, and parading her like a living doll for her mother on special occasions. Her husband Jacob, died 524 years ago, and she is unable to match with anyone ever since him. Their progeny, were hunted, and are now kept in labs as samples of different vampire hybrid strains. They make viruses out of these to destroy any resistance before it can metabolize.

What of the Cullens? Jacob and the Quileute Tribe? Forks, Washington? Do they have a place in this new world I have established?