Busy Weekend

Hello everyone! So over the weekend, i managed to finagle myself one of those fancy wacom cintiqs. Boy, they are fun, and cut down my coloring time by half. I managed to color these two pieces, just to give the machine a whirl!

This Godzilla piece was a spec piece i did for Toho, it didn’t ring their bell, but hopefully you will like it. I think if Cobra Commander obtained Xilian technology, he’d finally be a credible threat. And what would be more awesome than a jurassic park style adventure featuring the G.I.Joes fighting their way past giant man-eating monsters?

This is a WHAT IF!? Spiderman story i came up with, where after Spiderman is chosen by the Uni-force, he somehow discovers how to keep it permanently, and goes about rewriting the universe. Story events like the ol’ Brand New Day, make me think that Peter Parker would make an awesome villain.. A man-child unable to deal with loss


Also, go buy the new ultimate comics: spiderman, it’s awesome. I think Miles Morales is my new favorite character.