Portfolio Dumping!

These are the Gigantas, they are sorta the mascot for the New Elegant Universe. Their life cycle is clump of dirt, that rolls up into a larger clump, into a baby-hill, into a mountain man, which then molts into a Gigantape, which may grow until it stops moving, and begins to gather more and more sediment, (maybe in space, like GALACTAPE) until it turns into an asteroid, a moon, a planet, or even a star. Then the cycle begins again. Gigantapes are the most common of the Gigantas, but there’s also the Gigantopus (very near, foreground), the Gigantaslug (standing on the Gigantopus’ head), the Gigantabehr (with flying bunny friend), and the Kiwahirsuta (The Gigantalobster). All gigantas have the need to constantly be moving, and also are guardians of the natural order. Galactape is a guardian of the galaxy. Galactaverse…that might be a drawing for the future.

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