2.2 Timeline of the Ulyverse

This is a Timeline of the Ulyverse, reconstructed by Doc Whimsey in 1920, and here with additions, by the Wizard of Odds. Below the Timeline is a complete list of worlds I have recorded in my visions


  1. The First Epoch: birth of Color, Music, Simple Life forms
  2. The Garden: The first Humans and the Birth of Magic
  3. Exile: The first cities built by mankind with knowledge recieved from fallen Angels
  4. The Cosmic War begins: Angels ransom mankind’s daughters for the knowledge given to early Kings
  5. Wizardry: Magic is formalized into schools for instruction
  6. The Flood: End of the First Epoch
  7. The Second Epoch: The Late Bronze, Early Iron Age
  8. Planetary Colonization
  9. Completion of the Astral Forge, Planet Devourer and Slave maker
  10. Reign of the Titans, Demi-Gods, Super Human Pantheons
  11. Masters and Slaves: Prey Animals, Robots and Slavery revolutions
  12. The Third Epoch: The Cosmic War concludes in Armageddon